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This page refers to the description parameter that is part of an explore.

description can also be used as part of a dimension, dimension group, measure, or filter as described here.
description can also be used as part of a dashboard, described here.


description is a child of
explore: view_name
description: 'My description'
a string


description enables you to add a description of an explore to the UI, so users can get additional information while creating reports. For example, this LookML:

- explore: order_items description: 'Based on the individual items that comprise customer orders'

… will look like this in the UI:

If description is used, users can see the description by hovering over the information icon, next to the explore name at the top of the Field Picker. Users can also use the same information icon in the dropdown list of Explores.

If you do not explicitly add a description to an explore, no description will be shown.


Add a description to an explore named User:

- explore: user description: 'All customer users, staff users are excluded'

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