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view: view_name {
  dimension: field_name {
    convert_tz: yes | no



Possible Field Types

Dimension, Dimension Group, Measure, Filter, Parameter


A Boolean (yes or no)


The Looker Admin page enables you to set a Database Time Zone and a Query Time Zone (see this Discourse article for more detail). If the same timezone is chosen for both of these settings, Looker does not perform any timezone conversions, and there is no need to use the convert_tz parameter.

However, if different timezones are chosen, Looker performs a timezone conversion for all time-based dimensions by default. If you do not want Looker to perform a timezone conversion for a particular dimension, dimension_group, or filter field, then you can use the convert_tz parameter. This can be useful for fields that are already converted to the appropriate timezone, or in some advanced situations where you need to avoid a double timezone conversion.

In general, time computations (differences, durations, etc.) only work correctly when you operate on time values that are all converted to the same timezone, so it is important to keep timezones in mind when writing LookML.


Do not perform timezone conversion for the local_created dimension group

- dimension_group: local_created type: time timeframes: [time, date, week, month] sql: ${TABLE}.local_created_at convert_tz: false

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